Frequently Asked Questions


Can my pet be euthanized in a place other than my home?

We are open to special requests, and they will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What if my pet has already passed away at home and I need help?

Members of our team can come to your home and assist you. We can help transport the body as part of your own private burial plans, or take the body to a licensed pet crematorium where the ashes can be returned to the earth communally or kept separate for return to you.

When is the right time to euthanize?

This is never an easy question and is answered differently for the individual animal and owner. Most everyone believes in quality over quantity of life when it comes to their animal companions. With modern advances in veterinary medicine we are seeing geriatric animals maintain health and vigor like never before. However, as their ability to maintain basic functions or normal behavior diminishes, it is often up to their human companions to make the decision as to when euthanasia is necessary. Most importantly, owners should talk to their veterinarians about whether there are treatment alternatives for certain problems. The right decision can only come after a careful assessment of an animal’s health status and comfort has been done. Every animal and their owner are unique. This being said, there are many resources available to help determine the appropriateness of hospice care and when is the right time to humanely euthanize. The "Quality of Life Scorecard" can help pet guardians make these difficult decisions. We are also here to help and can provide in-home quality of life consultations with a veterinarian. To talk to us about any of these services or if you have questions, please Contact Us.